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Come and have a go!

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Scroll down for details on how to visit and how Toastmasters helps you learn public speaking, and other, essential skills.

First, learning is easiest when you have fun!

Toastmasters’ meetings are always friendly, relaxed and constructive. Fun is the best learning environment. We don’t look to catch people out; just build them up.

You can scroll through the slides below to see how members and guests learn public speaking at Hull Speakers and all Toastmasters’ clubs. There are nearly 17,000 Toastmasters’ clubs in almost every country…..with almost 400,0000 members who benefit from the Toastmasters’ programme. Change your job? Just move to a club near where you are going to…….and carry on with a new club exactly where you left off with your old club because we are a global community of linked clubs joined by Toasmasters International.

Look at the slide show below on how our Tostmasters’ club works and the massive benefits that members get.

Preparation Stage
First choose which type of speaking you expect to do - a Pathway
Toastmasters Pathways options

Each Pathway has a number of projects. They move from the foundation blocks essential to all public speaking to specialist projects for your chosen Pathway.

Speech Stage give a speech to an audience!
Paul Salvidge Giving Speech on Dada Art

Toastmasters has thousands of videos and manuals, free to members, accessible online 24x7. Use these to see how it is done. Then do it. Toastmasters' approach is learn by speaking. Then speak some more. You get comfortable with technique mastery and experience of doing it! Experience? Toastmasters is nearly 100.

Speech Stage
Oh, you'll speak twice!
Sireesha talking at Hull Speakers

Formal, prepared speeches are great. But what if you get asked, "Can you say a few words to the directors on project X?" That's without any notice or preparation! So, in each meeting you'll be thrown a two minute speech, on any topic, completely unprepared - even as a guest.
Don't worry, we'll show you how. After that, the few words to the directors will be much easier. Phew!

Next - you get evaluated!

Each speakers is assigned an evaluator - usually a more experienced member who will be familiar with your project objectives. They'll tell you what you did well (commendations) and make recommendations for weaker areas - as well as suggestions

Audience Feedback
Audience Feedback
Paul Salvidge Giving Speech on Dada Art

Hull Speakers provides a real audience - other members. They will give you feedback slips. You get to see what a real audience makes of your speech! If you start to find similar feedback comments then it will give you a realistic view of what an audience would think, your strengths and areas to improve on. It is done very constructively.

Paul Salvidge Giving Speech on Dada Art
Toastmasters Certificate

After all that hard work you will get completion ribbons for each project (left.) But, when you complete a Pathway you will be given certificates. These are also internationally recognised speaking qualifications (including the UK) and so you'll have something good for your CV too!

Oh, yeah - many of the world's top 100 companies use Toastmasters too!
Paul Salvidge Giving Speech on Dada Art

As well as internationally recognised qualifications you are in good company! it's worth noting that many of the world's top 100 companies use the Toastmasters' programme to develop the soft skills and speaking skills of many employees too!

Come on....have a go!
Paul Salvidge Giving Speech on Dada Art

If you've read this far - chances are that you would like to be an effective public speaker. Come, free, as our guest for a few meetings (remember, they are fun, not terrifying.) If you like it you'll join us (£12.50/month) and if not - you'll benefit from what you learn. See the links below to let us know you are coming - every second and fourth Tuesday.

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Come and join in as our guest for free

Toastmasters is about regularly doing public speaking. After a while, it becomes second nature and so members are always prepared. If you learn how to swim and fall into a pool – you know how to swim. With Toastmasters, if you are asked to speak – you know how to give a speech. Both are achieved by learning how to do it – then doing it!

We prefer visitors to come along, free as our guest for two or three meetings so that they can decide if Toastmasters is for them.

The button will take you to our visitors page. Please complete it so we know when works best for you and we can keep an eye open for you when you arrive.

We look forward to seeing you!

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