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Welcome to Hull Speakers!

We are the Toastmasters public speaking club enthusiastically serving the Hull and Humber region
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What is Toastmasters International?

Image of Dr Ralph Smedley, founder of Toastmasters International, speaking at a podium

What is Toastmasters International?

We are the largest not for profit personal leadership and public speaking programme in the world. We were founded in 1924 by Dr Ralph Smedley (pictured left.)

Toastmasters is nearly 100 years old. That’s a lot of public speaking experience!

People often think that all good public speakers are born this way.

Not true. Dr Smedley set up Toastmasters to demonstrate that anyone (including you!) can be a powerful public speaker by mastering a number of core skills and then practicing them. That’s how Toastmasters clubs, like Hull Speakers, work. We learn then apply and practice by having many speech giving opportunities at the club and receiving feedback.

Toastmasters popularity has been meteoric. It operates in 143 countries, through an association of over 16,600 clubs and has 357,000 members.

Dr Smedley was right. (More Facts.)Thousands of people, over the years, have become accomplished leaders and speakers through the Toastmasters programme. Here are some – as you can see, they are from a diverse range of career choices.

Oh, Toastmasters is not for profit too. We were set up to be affordable to even the smallest pocket with tiny monthly subscriptions rather than large fees. Creating strong public speakers is our aim.

What is Hull Speakers?

Hull Speakers is great fun! Toastmasters has a number of clubs worldwide which are voluntarily managed by the members to deliver the Toastmasters programme. Hull Speakers is one of them. We are the club for the Hull and Humber area of the UK. These clubs are not stuffy; they are a friendly and fun way to develop public speaking skills. We take away the ‘terror’ from talking!!

What do our members learn? Typically, we learn and practice formal public speaking through the Pathways programme, impromptu public speaking called Table Topic and how to develop sharp listening and evaluation skills. You will learn and then apply. Pathways is delivered online (including materials and videos.) Members can access almost unlimited resources produced on every aspect of public speaking and leadership from the Toastmasters website.

We meet every second and fourth Tuesday at the Holiday Inn Express, Ferensway, Hull 7pm-9/9.30pm.

Can you come and join in free as our guest? Of course. Let is know you are coming! Pop over to our meetings page and you can reserve some slots. There are also parking instructions. We suggest that you come along at least three times. That way you quickly settle down, relax and join in.

Start Your Toastmasters Journey.

What is the Difference between a Course and Toastmasters?

Courses can be great. Indeed, a lot of experienced Toastmasters present public speaking courses. You can get a complete overview of public speaking over a weekend and leave feeling very confident.

That’s great if you immediately start delivering speeches. But, what if your first speech is 6 months after the course? What did they say now, about…..? It can go rusty.

Toastmasters becomes a way of life. You are always learning, presenting and receiving feedback. No need to worry about going rusty. You were probably speaking less than a few weeks ago. This is key. Toastmasters believes that the only way you can become really proficient is if you are regularly learning and applying.

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