Speaker’s Role

Dear Contestant,

Thank you for offering to compete in the Humorous Speaking contest on 24th September. Please would you return Forms 1183 and 1189.

There are two competitions. First, the Humorous Speaking Competition. Second is Table Topics.

You Will Need These Documents

These forms need to be completed regardless of whether you are doing Humorous Speaking or Table Topics.  HOWEVER, it seems silly to fill out the forms twice if you are in both. So, in Form 1183, you’ll see it asks tick ‘one’ for the type of contest.  If you are in both then tick both. 

Form 1183 is your declaration that you are eligible to compete in that your subscriptions are up to date and that you will maintain them during the contest. Please also be aware of the declaration on content in which  the content of your speech must not exceed 25% of the work of others. You must also reference sources if you make citations and quotes.

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Form 1189 – please fill in the parts for which you are comfortable to share. This is simply so that the Contest Chair has some background whilst the votes are being counted to talk to the contestants.

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After you have completed them please would you scan them or take an image on your iPhone and send them to contest-prep@hullspeakers.org

Having this sorted, in advance, will help smooth things and speed them up on the night.

For Your Information: Judges Will Assess You Against These Criteria.

Just for your information, the judges will be guided by criteria. This may be useful background to be aware of:

Form 1191 for the Humorous Speaking Competition

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Form 1180 for the Table Topics Competition

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Them Rules!

The attached Rule Book is simply for your information if you would like specific details

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Speech Times for Humorous Speaking

The speeches are between 5 and 7 minutes. There is the usual 30 second grace period at the end of the 7 minutes but please note two differences:

  1. You can actually complete your speech early at 4 minutes 30 seconds.
  2. If you exceed your speaking time, or finish too early, you will be excluded. The Timekeeper will make a note and refer it to the Contest Chair but, other than announce that X speeches were outside of the set times – we will not name you.

Speech Times for Humorous Table Topics

The times are what you are familiar with – up to two minutes with 30 seconds after the red card and a minimum of one minute.