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We look forward to welcoming you!

It’s great to see that you would like to fully develop your communication, speaking and leadership skills by joining. The Application Form is in the tab below. You will find any supporting requirements, like our bank details below.

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We hope the notes at the end of the form will clarify any queries but please just email us FAO VP Membership at

Before completing the Application Form in the first tab we suggest you look at some of the other tabs which gives you some background information; particularly the Ten Promises.

Application Form:

Details you may need are below under “Supporting Information”:

Application Form

Form Supporting Information

Why do I need to declare that I am over 18?

Because Toastmasters members must be over 18

What are the Hull Speakers bank details I should use?

The Paying-in Details Are:
Bank: Lloyds Bank 
Sort: 30-94-44 
Account: 46302860 

You need two payments.

The first one is being reviewed

This is a one off fee of £35 to enrol you on the Toastmasters International System.

Also, £16.00 as the monthly subscription to Hull Speakers which pays for the hotel room and materials we use. No-one at Hull Speakers received a salary. Officers are all members who volunteer to do roles.

The second one is £16.00 for the monthly membership fee. This starts from the month after you join.

So, if you join on 1 January you would have a one off transfer of (being updated) which includes the January fee.

You would set up a standing order of £16.00 to start from the next month – 1 February.

The VP Membership will liaise with you as to the dates you need for the start of your standing orders. For example, if you wanted to join on 30 January we would advise you to start on 1 February otherwise you’d end up paying for a month for which you never had any benefit.

What are the Ten Promises?

Toastmasters is not for profit. That means all roles are done by members volunteering to help. It also helps develop your skills. More details can be found here: Click here to see the Ten Promises