Lincoln as Best Speaker at Hull Speakers Meeting

Lincoln’s Twenty Minute Speech – Without Notes!

Lincoln’s Keynote Speech

Lincoln impressed us all this evening (23/11/21.) He gave a 20 minute keynote speech. A keynote speech is a major speech on a very specific theme. Usually, Toastmasters speeches are between 5-7 minutes.

Well done Lincoln!
Best Speaker with a 20 minute spectacular

So what did Lincoln speak about – and what can we learn from techniques he employed to prepare for this speech?

Lincoln spoke on the “Doughnut” which was based on an authored work arguing that we should not pursue infinite growth in a finite world. This in itself causes its own problems: poverty, for example. Lincoln then explored in great detail, the changes needed in own thinking to avoid unintended consequences.

Some Speaking Techniques Lincoln Used in His Speech

In his speech, Lincoln applied the following speaking techniques to very effectively make his keynote points:

  • Use of anecdotes – short stories within the speech to bring home a point more clearly. For instance, he described an overseas trip in which he spent time living with an Indian farming family on a smallholding.
  • Use of props. He used a diagram of the Doughnut to make its meaning clear to the audience.
  • Audience involvement. Lincoln circulated a set of three questions prompting the audience to think about the subject and this made it easier for them to engage with his message.
  • Throughout, Lincoln remained composed, retained eye contact and had impressive vocal variety. Not even a single err or ahh!! 😀

Lincoln’s Preparation Techniques

Later, Lincoln told members about his approach to preparing and giving a 20 minute speech which included:

  • Plenty of research over a period of over a month
  • Being very familiar with the topic so that he was not remembering it but recalling what he knew and understood.
  • Breaking the speech down into very clear sub-themes and treating each as having a clear purpose in its own right.

Well done, Lincoln.

Table Topics! – Impromptu Speaking

Red was Table Topics Master this evening. She ‘brought’ her fortune cookies with her. But what does the riddle in the cookie actually mean! Our members and guests were asked to explain.

Paul and Murali were our joint TT winners

Paul’s Fortune Cookie was ‘A ship can be in the harbour but it was not made for that.’ Paul explained that the cookie was spot on. The ship is our lives. We can stay in port and never experience life – or we can take calculated risks and explore life. Sometimes, even a port isn’t a safe place to be; so you may as well equip your ship, your life, for what it faces in the world.

Murali’s Fortune Cookie was a well known one. No wonder Murali was so well prepared! “Ask a question and feel a fool for five minutes. Don’t ask a question and feel a fool for life.”
Murali showed the practical side of this in a work situation. Most people would like to succeed in their career; your career succeeds by learning; learning succeeds by asking questions.
Ask, learn, succeed was Murali’s message
Don’t ask, don’t learn, don’t succeed, was Murali’s warning.

Millie and Adam (our newest members) gave their first TT speeches!

Toastmaster Millie speaking

Millie showed herself to be a very well composed speaker and had excellent posture and eye contact. She even offered to be the timekeeper in her first meeting as a member.

Toastmaster Adam Speaking

Adam’s cookie was “courage conquers fear”
He gave a powerful performance in his first speaking role arguing that to grow you have to take chances. He also used Rhetorical Questions which generated ideas to talk about.

He gave a powerful performance in his first speaking role arguing that to grow you have to take chances. He also used Rhetorical Questions which generated ideas to talk about.

Lincoln and Red Spoke on Happiness, Subconscious and Wasps!

Lincoln’s cookie was on creating happiness in which Lincoln used his story telling techniques an ended his talk with a powerful three point list.

Red’s cookie advised use your sub-conscious rather than others tell you what do do.
Red employed four techniques. She had and engaging, humorous start with self deprecating humour – why follow my sub-conscious?! Like Lincoln, she told stories relating to herself giving her lots of solid information to talk on and, like Adam, she used a lot of Rhetorical Questions to keep the discussion moving along; mainly asking how wasps know what is sweet and if they can tell when it’s not sugar?

Wasp drinking fruit juice
Red managed to include wasps eating sweet things in her Table Topics question. Remind us again – how did we get there? 😀

All of our guests took a cookie too – amazing!

Well done to all our guests for getting their ‘First Time Speaker’ ribbon. What an incredibly good start.

Celine got “The Early Bird Gets the Worm – but the Second Mouse gets the Cheese”
Celine showed a great speaking stance as she commanded the stage. Her talk was to suggest that to achieve our best we must be organised and be aware of when opportunities present themselves and weight up the pros and cons.

Karthick talked on planting a tree 20 years ago was the right time; planting a tree to-day is the right time.
Karthick explained that anytime is the right time to grow trees and the benefits that come from them. He gave an impressive performance and, like Celine, kept a good speaking posture and his smile showed that he was actually very enthusiastic about his subject.

Kirill spoke on, ‘Give your Son a Skill: It is More Prescious than Gold.’
Kirill talked on the value of learning new things and effectively used natural gestures to emphasise his points.

Rob talked on recognising your prime. Rob has a natural conversational style which is good with audiences; talking to them rather than at them. Like the others he had natural gestures to support his statements and gave us a powerful maxim for an ending.

Speaking Recommendations

Sure, some members and guests got recommendations from our TT Evaluator, Paul, on things like taking a pause, slowing down, don’t clasp hands, don’t apologise – but the strengths of the speakers and their potential by far exceeded the routine speaking issues that Hull Speakers will address.

Feedback from Guests

We appreciate the feedback from our guests that the club is incredibly relaxed and gives everyone the confidence to just get up, try it and to improve their speaking. That’s what Toastmasters is about.

Next Meeting

As usual, a really fun and invigorating evening and thank you to everyone for taking part.

Next meeting is Tuesday 14th December 2021.

If you would like to come along as our guest please let us know using our Reservations Form at the end of the page in this link.

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