Members’ Survey on Future Meetings

We have had several online meetings to date. The Holiday Inn Express is now able to accommodate us – but for meetings of 15 members or less. This would cause a problem if members arrived and guests too. Whilst unlikely, it could be awkward – whereas the online tool avoids this.

The Committee discussed this and we have got THREE options. We would be grateful if you could reply to the online survey below and we’ll aim to abide by the consensus. You are welcome to put your own ideas too; but it will help if you could choose one of the options.

Option 1: We continue online until the situation is better.

Option 2: We go to all meetings at the Holiday Inn and chance that we will not be overwhelmed. This would commence from 27 October and will be for a maximum of five meetings up until Christmas.

Option 3: Alternation. Probably from the first meeting in November we would be at the Holiday Inn. Then, online, then at the Holiday Inn. We would probably get two face to face meetings before Christmas – then carry on in the New Year.

You Decide!

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  • Lincoln: Club President: Hull Speakers
  • Charlie VP Public Relations: Hull Speakers