Members’ Survey

We notice that some members attend regularly, some less so and some have a gap in their attendance. That may just be life! However, it may be to do with how we do things and we would like to know so that we can improve what we do. Please would you complete the form below to let us know? Please be honest. We don’t take offence. If something affects you then chances are it affects other members too.

Thank you for your help.

Member Survey

About You

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Your Goals

Please describe what you want to achieve from Toastmasters. Please be honest.  We are not offended!  We simply wish to frame activities so that members get out of the club what they joined for.

Your Current Pathway

Meeting Roles

Meeting roles really help members to develop their soft skills.


To let members get the best from Toastmasters we really appreciate attendance. This provides an audience for speakers who have worked hard for their assignments. How would you describe your attendance?

Your membership

We pay Toastmasters International, in advance, for various materials the club uses. It really helps us plan our finances to know if you think it is probable (it's always possible!) that you may leave or go to another club during the year.