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Holiday Inn Express, Ferensway, Hull HU2 8LN

Second and fourth Tuesday of every month: 7pm-9pm

Can I visit free as a guest?

You certainly can! Toastmasters would like everyone to become a great speaker. And everyone can be a great speaker. It’s just learning some techniques and then practice, practice, practice! We would like you to join. But, if you don’t, we’ll still be delighted that you will be a far better speaker after our meetings than when you arrived. We will have achieve one of our aims.

Yes. That’s the answer to the most popular question we get asked. Can I come to a meeting free as your guest? We would suggest that you come to at least three meetings to see what we do and before you consider joining. That way you will be comfortable with how Toastmasters works.

We would welcome notice that you are coming by completing the form below so that we can look out for you. That helps us a lot. Thank you.

What should I expect at a meeting?

To surprise yourself and have great fun. Just join in.

There is no formal dress code but if you would like to be the first to wear fancy dress that will liven things up even more!

I would like to visit but I’m nervous! Do you mean that, being in front of an audience of strangers, talking at your first meeting before you have had any training, worrying if you will dry up in front of everyone or not looking good; does that worry you? Who wouldn’t be nervous at that!

Just relax! That’s not how we work. Toastmasters is about working with people as they are, nerves and all, and making them into strong speakers. So it does not matter where you start. Most of our members started in the same way, joined and are with us.

But how does that work? I still feel nervous!

The Toastmasters’ audience members will see you differently to how you perceive. You could surprise us and show us that you are an accomplished speaker. That’s great. But, most people are a bit nervous. The audience is looking for your speaking strengths (yes, you will have them) and will tell you about them. Next time, you build on them. Sure, things will detract from your speaking. The audience will let you know about these too; but from a perspective that all speakers have some detractions and we want to help you get rid of them. Next time you will be better. That builds confidence.

Meetings are in three parts.

  1. If we have time, we open with a warm up. If you are a visitor you may surprise yourself. You’ll probably end up giving a mini-speech in the warm up on a very general subject without even realising it.
  2. We then move on to prepared speeches. Members work their way through a formal speaking programme, called Pathways, which is supported by materials from Toastmasters International. You will see speakers being evaluated and all members of the audience privately give constructive feedback too. It’s important to know how an audience sees a speaker.
  3. We usually take a tea break and grab a free drink followed by informal, unprepared speaking called Table Topics. There is no pressure to take part. You can watch. But, keep in mind what we said about Toastmaster’s audiences are on your side and are looking for your strengths and how to remove things that detract from your speaking. You are there to improve your speaking so you may as well just dive straight in. You will definitely be glad that you did.

How do I get there and where can I park?

It couldn’t be easier! The Holiday Inn Express hotel is in Hull’s city centre. But it is part of a complex which has a large car park called St Stephen’s. You can access the hotel directly from the car park. Parking is £1 all night if you arrive after 6pm (we start at 7pm.)

Travel down Ferensway. You will pass the railway station and the Holiday Inn Express (high rise white building) on your left. You get to a set of traffic lights (you will see the Hilton DoubleTree hotel in front of you on the left off Portland Street. You need to turn left there and go down Portland Street. Be careful! At the end of Portland Street you will see the entrance to the high-rise car park opposite. But on the junction, whilst you have right of way, cars coming from your right don’t always realise this. So, it’s good to slow down and then proceed up the ramp and into the car park.

Please complete the reservation form.

And please don’t worry. We only use your contact details so that we are ready to welcome you and to keep in touch. But, if you later choose, we’ll delete this from our records and, if sadly, we have not heard from you for six months – we’ll delete them anyway. We do not share them with anyone else….unless you instruct us to.

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