Curious as to what our meetings are like? Please come along, free, as our guest. There’s a form below.

You will be encouraged to take part – although never pressured. People often say they just want to watch; next minute, at their first meeting, they are giving a two minute, impromptu speech in front of an audience of strangers. Then they ask themselves, did I just do that?! Yes you did.

The club will put you at your ease and is great fun. So, don’t worry. You’ll feel you have been coming along for years soon after entering the room. Relax and laugh. That’s how Toastmasters works.

Just let us know when you would like to come. We suggest you choose at least three dates. This way, if you join, you will know what Toastmasters is about. If you don’t join then you will certainly be a better speaker.

You may have questions like where do you meet?! The Q&As section below should help. If not, just mail us Just email (email below.)


Let us know you are coming free as our guest!

Some Details About You

We do not share your details outside of Toastmasters unless you wish us to.

Dates you would like to attend

Please come free as our guest. We suggest you choose at least three dates. They do NOT need to be consecutive.  If something goes wrong near that date just email us and we can reschedule.

Questions you may have – and answers!

When do you meet and where?

When: The second and fourth Tuesday of the month except December when it is the first Tuesday only. The dates are on the form above.

Where? The Holiday Inn Express, Ferensway, Hull HU28LN

Is there parking and where?

Yes, lots of it and it couldn’t be easier.

The Holiday Inn Express hotel, is part of the St Stephen’s shopping and parking complex. You can access the hotel directly from the car park. Parking is £1 all night if you arrive after 6pm (we start at 7pm.)

Getting to the car park:
Travel North down Ferensway. Watch for the bus lanes which operate until 6.30pm.

You will pass the railway station and the Holiday Inn Express (high rise white building) on your left. Don’t worry – you will need to drive past it!

You will see the Hilton DoubleTree hotel in front of you on the left off Portland Street.

You need to turn left there and go down Portland Street.

Be careful! At the end of Portland Street you will see the entrance to the high-rise car park opposite. But on the junction, whilst you have right of way, cars coming from your right don’t always realise this. So, it’s good to slow down and then proceed up the ramp and into the car park.

What should I expect and what do I do?

Expect to have fun. Toastmasters’ clubs are NOT stuffy. We have no formal dress code but if you like wearing a Tuxedo; that’s fine too.

Many visitors come along feeling nervous. Coming to a meeting full of complete strangers, listening to some of them speak and some look really good, then having an opportunity to speak to them – and you’ve probably not done any public speaking before; nervous at that? Who wouldn’t be! 😀

Please don’t worry. We’ll put you at complete ease. As we tell new members and visitors – the worst that happens is you dry up. That’s fine. Just round off what you are saying then sit down. Everyone is on-side. Visitors surprise themselves and very few dry up.

All we’d ask is just try to join in. Give it a go. You may feel you will dry up or look nervous. So what? That’s what the club is there for – to help people get better. The best speakers won’t look at you and think – ha, they dried up. No. They’ll think – good for you for giving it a go. I was like that once. Then you’ll get feedback. It’s always constructive.

Meeting tend to be in three parts: Formal speeches, informal speeches and feedback. We have a coffee break in the middle.

Meetings are in three parts.

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