Shadowing Committee Roles

Dear Members,

Please see the form below this note. This note explains why it is important to the club. Don’t worry, it looks a lot but it takes well under ten minutes to get through it.

Hull Speakers is managed by members volunteering to do roles who usually serve on the committee. Recently, two committee members have had to change jobs, town and clubs! This has led us to look at the number of functions within each role. We are asking members to look at the form below and indicate if you can help. It means more people doing less work as opposed to what happens now with few members doing much work.

If you can help – that’s great. We’d welcome you ticking whatever you can do and would be willing to do. In many instances we can train people up for functions. Hey, but doesn’t that mean if I tick a lot of things I get the lot? No, no, no. The Committee will look at the survey returns and try to ensure all areas are covered. We would not over-allocate tasks to individuals. We’d like you to indicate in the text box of each section any preferences you have for a role or function.

The form does ask if you would like to shadow one of the Committee roles. This is so that we can ensure that, should Committee members leave the club when their career takes them away from Hull, we can ask people familiar with that role to step in even temporarily. The VP of that area is likely to ask you to get involved with their functions so that you can learn.

The reason we are doing this is to ensure that the club has long term viability, does not rely on too few people and that members are comfortable with roles. These things are not difficult and, to be honest, as a Committee we tend to help each other and cover for each other. The Club will be stronger and you will develop new skills and gain a greater depth of experience.

Thank you!