Speech Contest and Roles

Last year, we had a great speech contest and we really appreciate everyone who helped out. We’d like you to help again. If you didn’t we’d appreciate your help too by ring-fencing 10th March and taking up a role. It can be speaking, supporting – or both.

The Speech Contest is in two parts. The first, is making a speech. The second is evaluating a speech. You can be in one or both of them.

But we also need people to take up supporting roles, Timers, Judges, Counters etc.

We would welcome your help. We need you to support the club, and the competitors, by making every effort you can to attend the event. It’s at our usual Hull Speakers meeting on 10th March.

Below, you’ll find a form. Please would you tick any roles that you would be happy to help with. There’s no limit. There is also a box at the end to state your preferred roles. We’ll try to work to those. Yes, you can do a support role if you are not speaking in that session. So, you could do a support role for the Evaluation section if you are speaking in the Speeches section.

If you need to know more about the roles then hover over https://hullspeakers.org/speech-contest/ and look at the roles below it. If you offer to take up a role and something happens – that’s fine we can rearrange. But we’d like everyone to do their best to attend.

Thank you for your help! We appreciate it.

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