Tie-breaking Judge’s Role

Dear Tie-Breaking Judge,

Thank you for taking this role. Your vote will be decisive if there is a tie and that will be the only time it is used. Please would you sign and return Form 1170 as explained below.

You will need to sign a declaration in Form 1170.  You are signing to say that you are eligible AND that you will be impartial. The contestants have put a lot of effort into this and so the judges need to refresh their memory as to how to approach the judging role.

Please would you download Form 1170, sign it, scan or iPhoto it, and then return it to this email address contest-prep@hullspeakers.org

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How You Assess the Best Speaker

PLEASE REMEMBER – THERE ARE TWO COMPETITIONS HELD. ONE PER PART OF THE MEETING….Humorous Speaking is first and you’ll use a different evaluation form to the second speech, Table Topics.

The different forms place emphasis on different things a speaker should display. The best speaker of the evening is your choice. Toastmasters measures are shown in the Judges Guides below. These ensure you assess speakers by the same measures to ensure fairness and objectivity. However, no-one sees your gradings as you rip off your decision sheet from the rankings. 

In the Humorous Speaking Contest you will use Form 1191A

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In the Table Topics Competition you will use Form 1180A

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The other judges have a different form but they only rank the top three speakers. You need to rank them ALL! This is because if there is a tie in the top three  – then your list will be referred to by the Chief Judge and, say, if X and Y are tied and you rated X higher than Y – your ranking will determine the matter. So it is very important that you rank all candidates. Simply tear off the lower part of the form with your results before the break and give it to the Chief Judge. Remind the Chief Judge that this is the Tie-breakers result as it’s only in the event of a tie your result will be used.


It is very unlikely that you will need to read the rules as the summary above should be sufficient. But if you would like to do so then they are attached below.

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Thank you so much for putting your name forward and helping the club in this most important role.