Time Keeper’s Role

Dear Time Keepers,

Thank you for agreeing to become the Timers for the Humorous Speeches competition on 24th September.

You Should Familiarise Yourself With Form 1175

You should use a copy of this Form 1175 for the Humorous Speaking contest. Use another for Table Topics.

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Whilst you should not need them here is a copy of the competition rules

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Who You Report To.

You will report to the Chief Judge. The Chief Judge will hold a short meeting with you, the judges, counters and others prior to starting to ensure you are clear about your role.

What is My Role?

It is much the same as usual. You should use a timer and the cards. The main differences are:

  1. You need to record the contestants’ names on the Form 1175 and use that form.
  2. Table Topics is still 1 to 2 minutes, and the Green-Amber-Reds are shown on the agenda, with a 30 second grace period.  However, you should NOT reveal any times to anyone other than the Chief Judge on the form. Hand it to the Chief Judge at the end of each session; that is after the speech contest and then the TT after the TT contest.
  3. One small change on the Humorous Speaking contest – the speakers speak between 5 to 7 minutes as usual. Also, there is the customary grace period of 30 seconds after the 7 minutes. HOWEVER, there is also a grace period if they finish 30 seconds before the 5 minute mark. Simply put, a speech between 4 minutes 30 seconds through 7 minutes 30 seconds is fine. If it is outside of these limits then note the time on Form 1175 and, remember, do not share this information with anyone other than the Chief Judge.

Thank you so much for performing this important role and helping the club.


Image: Toastmasters Madrid.