Visitor Survey

We were delighted that you came to visit us. We know how daunting it can be to stand up and speak to total strangers – particularly on a subject just given to you! So, we try to make the meetings welcoming, friendly, humorous and without pressure.

Could you help us by taking this short survey? It is ANONYMOUS and so we would be grateful if you did not identify yourself; but if you wish to do so that’s fine. The reason we make it anonymous is so that you can be very honest with us and if we need to improve on any of the questions at all, based on your experience, we would like to know. This helps us improve.

The information will be used only within Toastmasters and is not sent to anyone else. We will use it solely to improve our performance. The initial questions are just statements asking you to answer ranging from you strongly agree to you strongly disagree. Thank you.