Why Join Toastmasters

Become an Effective Speaker.

Improve your speaking through:

  1. Following the Pathways Programme: What kind of public speaker do you wish to become? A visionary leader, coach, motivator, humorist, presenter or something else? Toastmasters uses “Pathways” which give you solid foundations and then let you develop your particular speaking niche. Learn More.
  2. Impromptu speaking: we call this Table Topics. Being called upon to, “say a few words,” can be scary indeed if you are unprepared. At every meeting you will discover techniques to deal with this so that you will always be ready.
  3. Accepting Roles: Being a great speaker is one thing; but you can do so much more. Toastmasters meetings have a number of roles allowing you to develop incredible soft skills like interactive skills, listening and giving constructive feedback.
  4. Educational talks: Toastmasters has a programme of educational talks on particular matters relating to speaking and the club.
  5. Practice: Theory is fine. But application is what gives you confidence. You will have numerous speaking opportunities to apply what you learn and watch other members and clubs too. it is the regular doing that makes you comfortable in speaking situations.
  6. Aspiring to higher speaking standards: The Pathways programme will certainly make you a confident and capable speaker for every situation. But, some members aspire to be recognised, outstanding speakers. Toastmasters achieves this by club competitions starting within your own club and the winners moves to global competitions. That sets a very high standard indeed. Also, going to the highest level of the programme will result in you becoming a Distinguished Toastmaster – the highest level.
Hull Toastmasters meetings are great fun

Gain Confidence in a Fun and Safe Environment

Some people arrive feeling very confidence. Others are somewhat nervous. Public speaking is something that scares most people.

One fear is what the audience will think of you. In Toastmasters, the members are looking to see what your strengths are (yes, you’ll have strengths!) and what goes against your strengths. They will let you know in a constructive way. You may stand up and then get a brain freeze. So? At Toastmasters, the members are not there to pull you down but to build you up. They will help you by pointing out what you can do about it so that the next time you get better – and you will. If it is your first meeting you’ll probably amaze yourself as to what you can do when you thought you would need to be dragged from the chair. But the environment is fun and constructive. If you feel others are far better – it does not matter. They’ve probably been Toastmasters for years. If you saw their first speech it was probably on a par with your own. The key is to baseline where you are starting and replace all the signals you send of being nervous and mediocre with signals of confidence and professionalism. The club will help you achieve this.

Enhance your Career Skills

Completing the various Toastmasters Pathways gives you internationally recognised speaking and communication qualifications. You will be given the certificates.

But it is the change in your own contribution to your work and social environment that you will notice. After all, who doesn’t thrive in their career when they are a noticeably strong and confident communicator, public speaker, impromptu speaker, leader with a great command of soft skills. These include listening and giving feedback. Aren’t these the things top companies always ask for?

Many of the top 500 world companies have now set up their own Toastmasters clubs. That’s quite an endorsement for the Toastmasters approach.

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