Meeting Review for 12/12/17 by Murali

Murali speaking
Murali was General Evaluator for the meeting

Today’s meeting was the last of the year with a very festive theme, led by our Toastmaster for the evening, Jan.

We had four speeches today plus an educational session:

  • Andrews Next Level Speaking education slot brought together the elements he’s been teaching whilst also challenging us to debate relative merits of Christmas!
  • In his second speech, Bayo, told us about the issue of falls in the elderly population. (evaluated by Lincoln)
  • Yasmin gave us an introduction to the Beverley Barn (evaluated by Irina)
  • Steve talked to us about how amateur level sport is getting too ‘professional’ (evaluated by Andrew)
  • Paul delivered his 10th speech on relying on ourselves and not others! (evaluated by Alison)


Congratulations to our winners, Paul for the speech contest and Alison for the evaluation.

Overall the meeting was very enjoyable with a particular highlight being all of the attendees facing off against each other and arguing for and against Christmas using our voice, body language, change in tone and humour to emphasise our points.

We had a drink together after the meeting and a big thank you to Lincoln for the mince pies!

Finally, well done to Jan for receiving her Advanced Leader Silver award.

Our next meeting is on 9/1/17. See you then!


Photograph of members