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If you’d like to come along and see how the meetings go please come for a few sessions as our guest. Sometimes we meet online, other times we meet in person at the Holiday Inn Express, Ferensway, Hull on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month.

If you would like to attend we would be delighted to see you.  It helps who is coming and so if you could let us know in the form on the meetings page which also gives the meeting dates then that really helps u. to expect so that we can watch out for you. 

We suggest you come at least three times. This lets you get settled and relaxed and you’ll be able to join in. Even if you did not join us, at least you will have learned something by then. So tick three dates that would be best for you. As for the next meeting, online or in person, near the top of the page there is a yellow box which will indicate the meeting format. Do check near the time as we only show the next few meetings there.

The only time this  changes is if the meetings are close to Christmas or over the New Year. Other than then – we’ll be there.

If you do have a query then please let us know

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DATA PRIVACY: Please note, any information which you provide will be used solely for the purposes of contacting you in relation to Toastmasters and Hull Speakers. We do not share it with third parties unless you request it. We may share it between club officers of Hull Speakers in order to better help you. We may also keep any details you send to us on a Toastmasters system which is accessible to Toastmasters officers solely for the purposes of responding to your questions and also keeping in touch with you.  Further details can be found here.   Hull Speakers is a club of volunteers and so our officers may prefer to respond to you from their home emails.


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