Counter’s Role

Dear Competition Counter, 

Thank you for helping the club on Competition Night on 24th September. In the competition you will work with the Chief Judge.

Important Forms You Will Need.

You Need to be Familiar With Form 1176

Form 1176 is the document that you need to become familiar with

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Knowledge of These Documents May Be Helpful

You do NOT need this Judge’s voting Document 1191.  However,  it is attached for you to become familiar with it.  You will get the lower part of the slip which you use for your count.  

Oh no!... That's not a valid download file

You are unlikely to need the Rules but they are here simply for your interest.  All you need to know if on this page.

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What Will You Need to Do?

At the start of the meeting you will join the Chief Judge for a briefing. The Chief Judge will ask that you understand your role and Form 1176.

When you return to the room, you do not have anything further to do in this role until the very end.  At that point, the Chief Judge will collect the voting forms from the judges. You will leave with the Chief Judge and count the votes.

How Will You Do the Count?

You will have the bottom slip from the judges voting slip (Form 1191) Each judge will have placed a name against first, second, third.

All you do on your tally form (1176) is:

  • First, enter the name of every contestant in a separate box across the top row.
  • Second, take each judge one by one. Enter their name on the left column. Then assign their votes for each candidate with points. Give 3 points for their first choice, 2 points for the second, 1 point for the third.
  • Once you have gone through all the judges add up the columns to give us the first, second and third places.
  • Complete the Part 5.

What if a Candidate is Out of Time?

  • First do the calculations.
  • Then, check the times. Cumbersome, indeed!
  • Then eliminate the person(s) who timed out.
  • Recheck your calculations and decide the top 3.

What if there is a Tie?

  • Complete your Form 1168 but show the names of the tied candidates who have tied in their place e.g. if they were first, second, third.
  • Then give to the Chief Judge who has a procedure to resolve this.

Your role will then be complete. Thank you.


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