A Motivational Meeting on 23 January

Andrew Hodge won Best Evaluator at Hull Speakers

Toastmaster's Report

Our Winners!

Lincoln as Best Speaker at Hull Speakers Meeting

Best Speaker

Well done Lincoln Smith who won Best Speaker. Lincoln shared a motivating story about on a friend who managed a stammer.

Jessie wins Best Table Topics at Hull Speakers

Best Table Topics

Well done Jessie. This was Jessie's first meeting and a she won the Table Topics (impromptu speaking.)

Andrew Hodge won Best Evaluator at Hull Speakers

Best Evaluator

Andrew Hodge won Best Evaluator as the "Ah Counter" helping us avoid filler words.

First Speakers

Great performances by Jessie and Adam who visited us this evening and got right into the spirit of things.

Paul Salvidge was the Toastmaster for the evening.

We welcomed back member, Gemma. Also, returning visitor Charlotte and two new visitors: Jessie and Adam.

We had two educational slots, two formal speeches and an impromptu speaking session.

Lincoln won best speaker

Jessie won best impromptu speaker (well done!)

Andrew won Best Evaluator.

Thank you for everyone who took part. 

Paul Salvidge wearing jacket, tie and maroon scarf
Paul Salvidge, Toastmaster

Educational Slots

We had two educational slots this evening. One presented by Andrew on stage presence and another by Clare on the new Pathways Programme being introduced in Toastmasters.

Andrew Hodge speaking
Andrew Hodge during a speaker evaluation
Photograph of Clare handing Murali a Pathways Programme Package
Clare gave a presentation on the Pathways Programme

Andrew Talked About Stage Presence

We are very fortunate to have Andrew as a member. Andrew provides professional development training.

Andrew’s educational interactive educational slot focussed on presence on the stage before opening a speech. Members really appreciated the opportunity of trying out the techniques Andrew taught.


So Many Paths!

Clare, also a professional development trainer, had taken on the task of reviewing the  the new Toastmasters Pathways Programme which shows different routes that members can take in their development.

Thank you, Clare, for making it look so easy. 

Best Impromptu Speaker

Jessie and Adam were first time speakers and are seen here holding the first time speakers awards
Welcome to Jessie and Adam who visited.


Welcome to Jessie and Adam who came as visitors. Both decided to get stuck right in. Adam gave an excellent and funny speech on food telling us about the best and worst curries he’d tasted. The worst, he told us, tasted like the chef dropped hi shoe in the mix.

Jessie, a visitor, won Best Impromptu Speaker. Well done!

Jessie Won Best Impromptu Speaker.

From time to time a visitor, or new member, really engages the attention of the audience.  This is what Jessie did this evening. 

Jessie was given an impromptu speech on her favourite book. She effortlessly developed the message of the book into a motivational talk and her experiences on the McGuire Programme which helps people deal with stammers.

Jessie had excellent stage presence and the secret ballot voted her the best speaker. Well done Jessie.

Best Speaker

Steve gave an excellent speech on how to focus on the most important things in life.
Lincoln as Best Speaker at Hull Speakers Meeting
Lincoln (Right) won receiving his ward for Best Speaker. Lincoln also talked about the McGuire Programme and the experiences of one of his friends.

Well done to both Steve and Lincoln who delivered their speeches this evening.

We had two great, uplifting speeches this evening.

Steve is on the first level modules and talked about the things most important in life and how to focus so as to ensure your life makes time to prioritise them and what we can do.

Lincoln, who is on the advanced speaker module on story telling, described how one of his friends turned his life around through the McGuire Programme from struggling with a stammer to far greater confidence.

Best Evaluator

Andrew Hodge Hull Speakers

Andrew won Best Evaluator

Andrew was the Ah Counter for the evening whose role is to pick us up on filler words we use.

The group is becoming very articulate. Again, we has remarkably few filler words (words used to fill time whilst we think) but Andrew was able to give some feedback on how we could do even better.

Word of the Day: Kudos

Lincoln was the Grammarian

Lincoln provided the word, “Kudos,” which means to achieve prestige or recognition.

The objective of the word of the day is to test the skill of speakers to slip this particular word into any of their formal and impromptu speeches as well as their evaluations.

Many members boosted their kudos during the evening and this is a word we can expect to see used again. 

See you at the next meeting - Tuesday 13 February