It’s Historic: Selling the Benefits!

White House sources plack of President Trump and Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jung Un

Historic Theme

Lincoln was Toastmaster for the evening and facilitated a very lively meeting.

Charlotte gave us a theme and word of the day: “Historic.”

We heard two advanced speeches by Clare and Jan.  Both were excellent and the high standard of the advanced speaking techniques was clearly demonstrated. 

The evening was great fun and we were grateful to members who put a great deal of enthusiasm and energy into tonight’s meeting.

Lincoln was Toastmaster

This Evening's Winners

Well done to this evening’s winners.

Jan won Best Speaker.

Murali won Best Table Topics Speaker.

Andrew won Best Evaluator.

Formal Speeches

Jan gave her speech on her Toastmaser’s journey. Starting from Maryland in the USA she gave her final speech in Hull to earn her Distinguished Toastmaster (the highest level that can be reached.)

We look forward to congratulating Jan and awarding her a DTM certificate.

Clare gave her speech on persuasion using an acronym, “DRAMA.” Clare emphasised the need to ask questions and listen to the replies and then demonstrate how you meet that requirement in your response.

Clare involved the audience to demonstrate the technique. Unfortunately, we became so involved in the technique that Clare timed out.

Impromptu Speeches | Table Topics

Table Topics is simply impromptu speaking giving members two minutes to speak on a matter they are not prepared for.

Paul Deliberately Being Over-dramatic Hosting 'Tat TV'

Paul was Table Topics Master. His role is to give members an activity to do which tests their speaking and presentation skills.

 In this case Paul gave the members a challenge. Tat TV had some items that it just could not get rid of and asked Hull Speakers to take to the platform and sell the unsellable. Each item introduced had something not quite right about it.

Our members were fantastic and more than met the challenge. For each unsellable item they concentrated on the benefits and also describing the item.  So just what did they talk about and how did they do it?



Murali (our TT winner) got us off to a great start with this plastic plaque of US President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un.

Murali pointed out that history was being made and this very durable plastic plaque was your way to savour the moment, every day, forever. And there was no danger of it ever getting broken. Don’t miss this bargain of a lifetime.

White House sources plack of President Trump and Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jung Un
Commemorative US-North Korea Summit Plastic Plaque

Jan had to sell a box set of old silent films but did it very effectively.

 Jan stood for the first 20 seconds making face expressions and doing mime. She then took us back to the days when acting was the key to entertainment not script and special effects. Why not get some popcorn and sit down with the family and treat yourself to something different?

Oops! The cakes were made but there’s no sugar in them. Lincoln rose to the challenge.

Lincoln explained that these health cakes miss out the sugar. After a time you’ll get use to this and, instead, savour the dried fruit taste. Also, given that there is no sugar it means that you can eat more. So get the kettle on and get eating.


Ever worried about your child not being wrapped in enough cotton wool?  Alison had the answer – a bubble wrap suit.

Alison opened by going to members of the audience and asking then what concerned them about their child. The audience got in to the spirit of it: Safety, Keeping clean and keeping dry were just some of the answers. Then Alison described how the bubble wrap suit may be able to solve these problems as well as making your child look the coolest kid at school.


Image Credits

The following are the sources Paul used purely for illustrative purposes. There is no connection between Hull Speakers and these bodies but we are grateful for use of their materials.

US-North Korea Summit plaque, Whitehouse/US Government. 

Charlie Chaplain, “The Lion’s Cage,” posted to Youtube by JoseMonkeys.

Cakes image, Pixabay, June66