Double Winners: Alison and Lincoln.

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July 24th 2018 | Hull Speakers Andrew was the Toastmaster for the evening and what an evening we had! Best Speaker We had a fascinating and insightful evening with two speeches drawing from the personal experiences of the speakers, Alison and Lincoln. Both were excellent and kept the audience captivated and the audience vote provided […]

Michael Clarke DTM at Hull Speakers

High Achievers: Michael J Clarke’s DTM Journey

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Within Toastmasters, the highest level you can reach is Distinguished Toastmaster: DTM. One of our members, Michael, has been a DTM for several years. How did he achieve it? Here’s his story. ___________________________ How I became a Distinguished Toastmaster    Michael J Clarke DTM I was a founder of Leeds City Toastmasters in Spring 2002. […]

White House sources plack of President Trump and Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jung Un

It’s Historic: Selling the Benefits!

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Historic Theme Lincoln was Toastmaster for the evening and facilitated a very lively meeting. Charlotte gave us a theme and word of the day: “Historic.” We heard two advanced speeches by Clare and Jan.  Both were excellent and the high standard of the advanced speaking techniques was clearly demonstrated.  The evening was great fun and we were grateful […]

What’s in the Box?

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Meeting of 22 May 2018   Club President, Murali Podila, as Toastmaster Murali was Toastmaster and facilitated the meeting this evening. We had an Educational slot by Andrew to help members identify which  where on the spectrum they are: nervous to excessively confident. Lincoln gave a first class formal speech on the benefits of being in […]

Photo of Murali Podila, club President

Meeting Report for 8 May | Murali

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Steve was Toastmaster Steve Dixon always keeps the humour level high Andrew gave an Educational on Vocal variety. We used extracts from the speeches of Dr Marin Luther King to practice emphasis. Three More Winners! Paul was Best Impromptu Speaker Clare was Best Evaluator Jessie was Best Speaker Speeches!   Murali and Jessie delivered great formal speeches. […]