David Jones Really Made Us Laugh!

This was also our first hybrid online/in-person meeting. (Well done Murali and Lincoln for getting that to work with Paul as the remote guinea-pig!) Hull Speakers continues to be with the leading Toastmasters clubs.

Wow, we were so pleased to welcome David to our meeting. The room was packed over capacity to hear David. Some members had to use another room and join by Zoom using our new hybrid system.

David really knows his stuff because he does laughter for a living. David, a many-time winner of Toastmasters speaking contests, coaches people on public speaking, is a speech writer, delivers after-dinner speeches as well as delivering training go groups within companies. We really appreciated his online visit to Hull Speakers. Oh boy, did he show us some great techniques to make listeners laugh

Some of the things David taught us were:

  1. What to do when you try to make people laugh but they don’t; now that is useful!
  2. Seeing how humour works using a rocket analogy. The laughing part is the head. But beneath it you need to have in place the set-up, timing, attitude, body language and understand the audience. Kapow!
  3. How to develop the set-up and punchline process for jokes that work.
  4. Moving from jokes to a humorous speech.
  5. Apply your humour at work too – yes, laughing at work can really boost your career prospects.

We really enjoyed the experience and David has a unique talent. Clubs can contact him on david@davidjonesphd.com

We look forward to welcoming you again, David, and thank you for coaching the club.

Murali Led the Impromptu Speaking: Table Topics on Dilemmas

Murali (left) was Table Topics Master setting the impromptu speaking tasks and this went down incredibly well.

The subjects were a mix of dilemmas in which the speaker had to choose one and speak on it. Most speakers tended to look at both, giving a sense of balance, although, Paul, our Table Topics Evaluator took the view that the speakers should have chosen one and concentrated on that to really develop a position.

A really good choice, Murali.

We had some amazing speeches. Here are some.

Javed set the standards exceptionally high talking about pirates.

His dilemma – choose between living with pirates or a wild tribe. Javed gave a fascinating talk when he chose pirates! Why? Javed explained that he loves the open sea. Being a pirate would let him live his passion. Now, most of us think of pirates as being pretty unpleasant people and Javed knew this. So, as part of defending his dilemma choice he cleverly gave a moving story of a tiny orphan boy, found adrift in the open sea and facing the end. Some pirates spotted him, rescued him and cared for him. This showed great compassion and one pirate adopted the orphaned buy. You really moved us, Javed. You clearly have a gift for deploying Pathos (emotional appeals) in your speeches!

Alex had the dilemma – would you prefer to speak many languages or be the best at something?

Alex opted for the languages. He explained that when on holiday he tries to speak some of the local languages and he finds that this builds up very good relationships with people. He explained that you learn a lot from this experience. That said, his passion is football and he’d not object to being the very best at football, too. Talk about having your cake and eating it! 😉

Alison on being in solitary confinement following being rich or no prison and poor.

Alison gave an incredible opening stating the dilemma as an anithesis: two clashing thoughts: “Confinement or Poverty.” She then went on to say confinement is poverty! She explained that loss of your liberty is the biggest poverty you could suffer; great figurative language there Alison.

That said, Alison concluded that while she really values liberty the shopping benefits from the money may be too much of a pull!

Nicky’s dilemma was is it better to change the past or see into the future

Like Javed, Nicky made a great play on Pathos – moving the emotions. Nicky explained that her past has been so happy; she met the perfect partner whom she married and has nothing but joy with her child. She would not wish to change anything. She would like to hold onto this. Why would she wish to look ahead to see something that could endanger it and dread that moment? Nicky therefore rejected both dilemmas and showed that you do not need to be stuck on the horns of a dilemma – you can create your choice. Nicky’s was to live happily with her family. She bucked the dilemma with a third and better choice.

Aaron is a new member. Aaron was challenged with choosing between if your best dream could come true, but also your worst nightmare, would too; OR, not to dream at all.

Aaron explored the pros and cons of the topic. He was commended for the use of excellent body language which engaged the audience along with his discussion.

Paula, our guest, gave her second speech as a visitor. Paula’s choice: would she like to have her dream job or win the lottery? Not a bad dilemma to have!

Paula gave a powerful opening. She said that she already had her dream job with a PR firm. She went through the interest and variety of every day she worked with her firm and what a lovely set of people she had the pleasure of working with. We’d all want a job like that Paula; first class presentation. Any jobs going there, Paula? 😀

We next meet on Tuesday 28th September 2021 for a Speech contest. Visitors are very welcome. There’s no charge. But please let us know so that we can expect you. Reserve a place on hullspeakers.org/reservation.

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