Meeting Report for 8 May | Murali

Photo of Murali Podila, club President

Steve was Toastmaster

Steve talking at Hull Speakers
Steve Dixon always keeps the humour level high
Andrew gave an Educational on Vocal variety. We used extracts from the speeches of Dr Marin Luther King to practice emphasis.

Three More Winners!

Paul was Best Impromptu Speaker
Clare was Best Evaluator
Jessie was Best Speaker


 Murali and Jessie delivered great formal speeches. They could not have been more different.

Jessie’s speech was an inspiring ice breaker telling us about her journey to become a better speaker. Jessie explained how she overcame stammering and now helps other people to do the same.  Clare won Best Evaluator with some experienced insight to Jessie. 

Murali delivered speech 8 from the competent communicator manual. Packed full of humour, and props, Murali showed us he’s good in the kitchen. He made, live, a peanut and jam sandwich. Yuk!  Murali used many props with great effect. Almost at the end of his manual it’s the persuasive talks next.

In preparation for her workshop at the Division E Conference in Cork, Clare incorporated feedback from previous speeches to deliver her speech on Change.

On the impromptu/table topics speaking – we tried something new. A set of dice with symbols in which speakers had to link two items together. Paul linked an abacus and a light bulb to tell the story of Thomas Edison and how many attempts it took to invent the lightbulb. He did part of his speech in darkness to make the point! Other table topic speeches included Alison talked about a swarm of bee’s outside her window and Steve talked about his beautiful house that only lacks a fountain!

Well done to everyone for joining in.


New Committee Nominations!

Important Notice.

The Club President called upon members to put their names forward for officer role in July.

Nominations are open for committee members next year.  Why should you consider it?

  • There are opportunities to complete the Competent Communicator Manual.
  • You work with a diverse team and lead on a very important of the club activities.
  • The club is run by volunteers.  It  shows team spirit when we all take up posts.

More on this in later posts. Remember, you are not alone. People who have done the roles before are on hand to help. It’s great fun.

Photo of Murali Podila, club President
Club President Muralo Podila Called for Nominations

Next meeting on 22 May! Please come along