Meeting 24 April | Who Should Noah Take?


Meeting Review for 24/04/18 by Murali

Today’s meeting was extra special thanks to the presence of our special guest, Jean Stewart, the Area Director for Area 21! The meeting was led by our Toastmaster for the evening,  Murali.


We had two speakers today plus an educational session:

  • Andrew’s Next Level Speaking education slot taught us how to use the stage to reflect your journey as you go from past, present and future. Really good way to combine positive body language, stage presence and content.
  • In the third speech of her Pathways Level 1, Clare spoke to us about Change. It was especially impressive as she had to demonstrate that she can incorporate feedback from her second and show improvements. Well Done Clare!
  • Jean talk to us about club membership numbers and how we as a committee and members can leverage our networks to bring more people to Hull Speakers and make it a more vibrant club! Some great ideas that the committee have taken away and will chase up in the coming weeks.

Above: Clare has been helping the club introduce the Pathways Programme, Andrew  has been helping members with his educational slots. Both are trainers in their careers.

Table Topics

Following the evaluations, our table topics session led by Alison was on Noahs Ark! Alison gave us a highly original idea. There was one spot remaining on the Noah’s Ark and the members were 

Photo of Alison who won Best Evaluator
Alison: Novel Table Topics Idea.

given a particular animal to talk about and justify why it is so deserving of the spot on the Ark!

However the twist was that we weren’t allowed to reveal the name of the animal we were given during the speech!

This was a wonderfully creative idea from Alison leading to some memorable answers, including:

  • Ben challenging Noah on who made him the boss of the Ark and whether he was really necessary!
  • Jean describing the benefits of having both a Badger; but mixing it up with a beaver!
  • Sireesha using great body language to tell us all how effective the Vultures are at dealing with all the dead animals!
  • Clare great use of pause to show how effective an alligator is at hunting its prey
  • Paul selling the undeniable trustworthiness of a snake!

Honorable mention for Andrew who told us his animal had an expertise in comparing insurance!!

Congratulations to our Tabletopics winner, Sireesha! (Below)


Congratulations to our Evaluation winner, Paul! Paul (below) taught us the importance of delivering in our natural style and work in feedback to adapt how we deliver a speech.

It was a very enjoyable meeting  with the Table Topics being the highlight! Well done for everyone for participating!


Next Committee

Finally, nominations are open for committee members next year, it is fantastic opportunity to work with a diverse team and lead on a very important of the club activities- be it membership, IT, PR or finances ! Fulfilling a committee role will also help towards your Competent Leadership.

Our next meeting is on 08/05/18. See you then!